Registration Overview


Organizations can join as a Group or Associate Member to participate in our community.

Types of Membership

Group Membership (or Airport Membership) is open to organizations that are (i) public airports or (ii) public or private organizations that have oversight of an entire public airport.

Associate Membership is open to audit organizations that are actively engaged in the auditing of public airports under the direction of an AAIA Group Member and, thereby, have a business or professional interest in airports and aviation and are working for the general benefit of airports and aviation, but do not qualify for Group or Airport Membership.  Associate Members are not airports and are non-airport oversight organizations.  An AAIA Group Member must sponsor the Associate Member's application.

Membership Dues

Membership Type Number of Auditors Annual Dues
Group/Airport Member 1-3 $300
Group/Airport Member 4-6 $350
Group/Airport Member 7-10 $400
Group/Airport Member More than 10 $450
Associate Member Flat Rate $375


Membership Dues are prorated monthly based on the month the new member's application is approved.  Memberships are from January 1st through December 31st.


How to Join

To apply for membership, select the link below.  To assure that the organization has applied for the appropriate membership type, the application is reviewed before payment is processed.

After the application is approved, you will receive a temporary user name and password.  If there are additional people that will need access to the site, we will need their names and email addresses at that time.

If you would like a trial membership, please contact


Questions or Changes?

If you have questions about joining or there is a change in your organization's membership, please contact


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